Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. After a bout of stomach flu while on a trip 6 yrs ago, I was quarantined and left in the hotel room by hubby & kids so naturally I was perusing National Geographic's website & became obsessed with all things Everest. Anytime I see a story about it I screenshot if I don't have time right then to read it. Conrad Anker is synonymous with Everest.
  2. My 20 yr old nephew has great taste in music. He recommended this guy and in my usual harried state, I Googled and screenshot for later.
  3. Because Boston. ❤️ These are on my shopping wish list.
  4. I was making lentils for the first time in my life and following a very vague recipe so I had to conduct some research.
  5. Group texts with my 13yr old Twins are hilarious but this was a particularly memorable one and I kept it for posterity.
  6. I was super excited to find this after Googling "The 1851", my favorite cocktail at my home away from home, The Liberty Hotel, in Boston.
  7. This is the greatest dog toy ever created and my dog had pretty much killed his (RIP Christmas Reindeer Baby) so I needed a new one.