12 Random CarellColbertStewart Photos on my Phone

Pictures I gather for my Instagram/Tumblr @CarellColbertStewart for Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart.
  1. Steve: Magazine photoshoot.
  2. Stephen: Boat race.
  3. Jon: The Donald impression.
  4. Steve: As Bighead from The Ambiguously Gay Duo.
  5. Stephen: Bit with Buzz Aldrin.
  6. Jon: In college.
  7. Steve: A funny skit from The Second City's TV Movie, "Life As We Know It."
  8. Stephen: Because he's adorable with thick-rimmed glasses.
  9. Jon: Goatee.
  10. All 3: Because nothing is sexier than black and white serious faces from three of the most vibrant, hilarious people.