1. That's probably like way too many Agent Smiths, guys. Y'all need to calm down on that noise.
  2. Has the music always been this intense?
  3. Guys, you can't just add swoosh swoosh noises to everything to make it more Kung fu-y
  4. Morpheus's voice during his big speech bother anyone else? Who talks like that?
  5. So this is the future and dancing is still sweaty gyrating and jumping? Bummer.
  6. Whoa, that cake gave that girl an Orgasm? Sign me up. As an aside, I definitely didn't catch that earlier haha.
  7. So someone thought this guy's haircut was a good idea?
  8. How is the Asian the worst one at fighting...
  9. Why isn't the key master helping when that dreadlocks albino incorporeal ninja is fighting Morpheus. Like, even Trinity is, and she's driving!
  10. The CGI seems way worse. Neo seems completely flat and fake when he's flying. Tbf, I couldn't do better.
  11. Morpheus... how are you worse at using the cables for stunts?
  12. Trinity's butt, tho.
    Sorry for the awkward shot, girl
  13. So the Architect is basically the KFC Colonel
  14. Who says "ergo"? Update... especially twice in 5 mins.
  15. Now vis-a-vis? Apropos? C'mon.
  16. Ever been this level of chill? He's literally made a vacuum that's dragging stuff behind him cuz he's moving so fast, and his face is still Meh. And wouldn't that have hurt her flying that fast and catching her?!
  17. Dang, he brought her back to life, and I can't even get a guy to get me flowers.
  18. "I can't take this"... you and me both, bruh.
  19. Sometimes it sounds like Trinity is saying Neil instead of Neo.
  20. Everyone is OK with Neo and One being an anagram? Reminds me of Lost when that guy's name was Ethan Rom "Other Man." Just too much, imho.