1. Greece
    ahhhh, Greece. Setting of Hercules, home of Olympus, and in the middle of a fantastically large debt crisis.
  2. England
    Matt Smith. David Tennant. Martin Freeman. Gordon Ramsey. Tom Hiddleston. Benedict Cumberbatch. Graham Norton. Andrew Lincoln. The American Revolutionary War.
  3. New Zealand
    It's real life Middle-Earth. WHY WOULDNT I WANT TO GO HERE
  4. France
    J'adore la France. I'm about to go into my fourth year of French at school, and I'd like to think that I've developed a healthy respect for the language. While I've been in situations where I've had to use (very minimal) French, I'd love to see how I'd fair in France.
  5. Egypt
    alright but go watch The Prince of Egypt on Netflix
  6. Hogwarts
    I mean, the closest I'll ever get to actually being in Hogwarts is Hollywood Studios, but I'll take it.