Thanks so much to @analyce for requesting this list!
  1. In 2014, I published a book called Flattened under the pen name A.G. Stoll IV.
  2. It takes place in England in the 1600s.
  3. It's based off of the idea the that Earth is flat.
    Often times, convicts are sent over The Edge as a punishment. No one knows what happens when a person goes over the edge of the Earth, but it's assumed that they're most probably going to die.
  4. There are four main characters.
    Their names are Alexander, Roger, Juliette and Genevieve.
  5. They're sentenced to die by way of going over The Edge.
    The Edge meaning the edge of the Earth obviously.
  6. Alexander is a pirate captain.
    Hence why he was sent to die. Genevieve is the daughter of a governor, and Juliette is her maid. Roger and Genevieve meet because they're arranged to be married.
  7. Alexander's not the antagonist.
    Actually, he's a protagonist. The job of the antagonist goes to a guy named William Rosa, who's also a pirate captain.
  8. It only kinda takes place in our world.
    The England on our Earth is not the same England in theirs.
  9. At least one character dies.
    Maybe two. Or four.
  10. You can buy it online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!
    or you can visit my website