Good luck charms? I only put pics up of the 2 actors who aren't immediately recognizable from reading their name.
  1. Greg Grunberg- JJ Abrams
    Heroes, Star Trek, alias, force awakens. Love this guy which is strange cause he looks like this agent who I despise but the heart knows no bounds.
  2. Fran Kranz- Joss Whedon
    Much Ado About Nothing, cabin in the woods, dollhouse. Kranz and Whedon is a hilarious match up. He was great in the TV Set
  3. Bill Paxton- James Cameron
    3 lines in Terminator's Griffith Park scene to Titanic and Aliens. Love Paxton not to be mistaken by Pullman
  4. Robert Downey Jr- Shane Black
    Kindred spirits maybe from RDJ's pre-sober days?? Kiss kiss bang bang and iron man 3.
  5. John Tuturro- Cohen Bros.
    Lebowski, oh brother and Barton Fink. Too bad his best role was in Anger Management with jack Nicholson.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio- Martin Scorcese
    This is an obvious one.
  7. Samuel L Jackson- Quentin Tarantino
    Another obvious one
  8. Johnny Depp- Tim Burton
    Scissorhands, etc etc etc.
  9. Jason Schwartzman - Wes Anderson
    Good luck charm. His best movies have JS in them (daring opinion- I know). I know it's more Bill Murray and I'm a huge life aquatic fan despite it not being in most WA fan's top 5's but I like to think schwartzman brings back Rushmore charm to darjeeling limited.