Advice and wisdom from a guy I know from Boston.
  1. Act like you've been somewhere before
    This is more of a joke from my friend but it's the truth if I've ever heard it.
  2. Stand up for yourself
    You'll either resent the person for walking all over you or you'll flip and nobody will know why
  3. Ask questions
    People like to answer them so ask
  4. Quit things in the order that they're killing you
    Booze? Gone. Drugs? Out. Cigarettes? Down the line. Fast food? Start to like cooking or eating at nicer places. Hookers? Be a millionaire. Caffeine? Enjoy it.
  5. All the rules apply to you
    So don't be annoyed when you get pulled over for casually going 60 in a 40
  6. Write everyday
    So you're as polished and as sharp as you can possibly be
  7. Nobody is thinking about you
    So take solace in that and enjoy being in a crowd
  8. Exercise as much as possible
    So you can eat meat and bread and potatoes
  9. Try all foods
    Cause there are a lot of good spicy ones
  10. Respect all jobs cause they're mostly all hard
    You're just secretly afraid that you deserve to be a waiter
  11. Honesty always
    Cause it's freeing af
  12. No white lies
    I've never seen The Shawshank Redemption
  13. Buy stuff
    Enjoy nice shit like soap and big TV's
  14. Say yes
    Say yes to everything and things will be ok
  15. Help everyone
    Just help everyone and you'll feel good about yourself
  16. Be present
    Be in the moment and enjoy your fucking life
  17. Always read a book
    Anything. Just always be in the middle of one.
  18. Know the news
    Read The Atlantic or the NYT. Being informed is good for the world.
  19. Answer the phone
    Don't hide
  20. Smile
    Dogs know to be cute to get food from their evolution into being domesticated. Do this but as a human.
  21. Ask for help
    You'll get it sometimes and that's nice