1. Clap for the guy who gives the speech before each movie
  2. Be 100% sure you're in your assigned seat
  3. You don't have to pay before going back to you car. You can pay on the way out so don't make your date wait in that line
  4. P1 has spots. Give it a shot!
  5. Smoke by the sides, not on the long bench
  6. If you're not an Arclight member hook a friend up with points by giving the cashier your friend's number
  7. Feet should never ever touch the back of someone's chair
  8. No leg shaking. It can really affect the whole row
  9. No phone lights pls
  10. Don't bring in food from the area. It smells. People used to bring it Baja Fresh back in the day. Now it's Chipotle
  11. If you have Arclight points to make concessions cheaper and your date is buying, Hook a sister or brotha up with those points and get that popcorn and Aquafina to a cool $1.50
  12. Stars, they're just like us! Don't Instagram famous people in the lobby
  13. There's bad reception on the underground floor so just know that and put your phone on airplane mode
  14. Hold doors open for people
  15. No big bags of plastic wrapped hard candy. Take that to the Sherman Oaks Arclight where they've completely given up.
    Suggested by @clubsilencio01