Will prob update this for a while
  1. Miami Vice
    Digital camera before it was normal. Moby. City views.
  2. Unstoppable
    TJ miller messed something up and now a train won't stop....
  3. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
    Val Kilmer and Nic Cage in a nola acid trip
  4. Body of Lies
    Dicaprio on a scorcese break and a Chinese Democracy guns n roses track as the SNAP TO BLACK end credits song.
  5. Speed Racer
    Another acid trip of a movie
  6. In the Land of Women
    Adam Brody's backstory of being a porn writer who gets broken up with at the 101 Cafe makes up for the Meg Ryan/Kristen Stewart duo.
  7. Loser
    2 words: Mena Suvari
  8. 50 First Dates
    Sandler and Hawaii
  9. Heartbreak Kid
    Ben stiller being hilarious in a theme I think we can all relate to
  10. Mulholland Drive
    Well the trailer is awesome