They're called potcakes. The term comes from locals feeding them the caked remains of the cooking pot. They are an official breed recognized by the government in The Bahamas.
  1. They're the closest we have to the dogs the Indians would have encountered.
    They use charm and friendliness to manipulate people into giving them food.
  2. They run in packs.
    Most of the native Bahamians don't like them so they stick together and protect each other.
  3. They're very territorial.
    They're very territorial over their parts of the beach.
  4. Very loyal
    Probably out of gratitude for not living in harsh tropical environments
  5. Can be up to 75 lbs but mostly small at around 35-45
    Cause of malnutrition
  6. They're afraid of a lot of things
    Harsh locals and mean alpha's leave scars in their memory from an early age
  7. Cocked ears that flip
  8. They are smart from a street "puppy-hood" but need lots of guidance
    When humans are actually nice to them, they look to them for guidance for life which makes them very obedient and loyal.
  9. Their diet consists of left over trash and fish
    Sad but they can also eat from the water. Domesticated, they can eat basically anything cause of a super strong immune system.
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