Ranked. The oilers left houston when I was a kid and I hated the name the Texans so I said fuck the NFL. For some reason I love NFL shows though (exception is Last Chance U). Actually the only people I know that like these shows don't watch football. That's how good they are.
  1. Last Chance U
    A human interest 6 episode series on the south. I thought Austin was a small town. I used to "scoff" when people said Dallas is a big city. Then I saw this fuckin place. It's fascinating like an alien planet and the kids are amazing. I follow college football closely and always wondered what happens to the bad kids. It's prison and miss Wagner, the divorced single mom, is Tammy Taylor in the flesh. Opening credits: true detective style for the pilot. Netflix.
  2. All or Nothing
    You'd think the people who run the Arizona Cardinals would be conservative lame guys but no. The owner is great and fosters a dog w cancer and the head coach is hilarious. It's the 1st show to follow an NFL team throughout the whole year as opposed to just training camp. Affiliated with NFL films. Jon Hamm narrates cheesy lines about being tough. Barf. Propaganda for the NFL but the electronic soundtrack makes up for it. Amazon.
  3. Hard Knocks
    Huge upset! Usually the gold standard for a sports documentary series. It's also crazy that the Rams moving to LA isn't making a great show. Goff may look like gosling but he's just boring. Opening credits sequence is hot girls watching the Rams run. HBO.