Def a crazy time. Goodbye Middle Ages. Hello Renaissance.... Lots of dudes with long hair and bad ass women TCB
  1. Johannes Guttenberg
    Inventor of printing with movable type. Like the dude who made the Twitter of the 1430s!!!!!
  2. Constantine XI
    Died a rock star life at 48 as Rome's last emperor. Lots of rumors about his bath house parties....after Rome died in the west he continued its legacy for over 900 years in the fuckin east. It was like the east side of LA- cooler. Hipper. Younger.
  3. Joan of Arc
    French hottie and total saint (literally). Before being burnt at the stake, she changed the fuckin 100 year long ass war dog.
  4. Oba Ewuare
    Turned Benin City in Nigeria into the BENIN EMPIRE. he gentrified that shit and made it cool af
  5. Sandro Botticelli
    Heartthrob otter Italian painter. Did the birth of Venus. Ever heard of it???
  6. Limbourg Brothers
    Like the duplass brothers, they got into some dope Dutch art. Super hipster minimalist-type painters!! Would've MURDERED on Instagram....
  7. Afanasy Nikitin
    Russian writer who went to India and wrote THE JOURNEY BEYOND THREE SEAS which if someone says to you can be misinterpreted as the three C's: cash cash cash
  8. Leonel Power
    English rock star that covered the late Medieval (emphasis on evil) and the early Renaissance era.....
  9. Christopher Columbus
    "Sailed the ocean blue" as in it was fuckin clear before he sailed it and he did some dope shit and changed the color. Ummm discovered the new world....
  10. Niccolo de Conti
    Venetian merchant who put it all away to travel to India like a grad school drop out
  11. Nicolaus Copernicus
    Just the father of modern astronomy but back in the day he was only cool in specific circles. Very hip and on the DL to know who he was. Told everyone that earth goes around the sun.