1. Grand Theft
    6 hours in jail. Told to "get the hell out." LAPD Pico and San Vicente.
  2. Lovin you
    🎶 then I don't wanna be right 🎶
  3. Vandalism
    Graffiti. Los Angeles, CA. West Hollywood, CA.
  4. DUI
    Austin, Texas
  5. DUI
    San Antonio, Texas
  6. Possession of Narcotics
    Cocaine. Austin, Texas.
  7. Failure to fasten seat belt
    Beverly Hills, CA. Wilshire and Doheny.
  8. Littering
    Threw cigarette out of car. Hit Sheriff's Dept car. Community service served in Santa Monica, CA.
  9. MIP
    Minor in possession. Austin, Texas.
  10. Speeding
    Caught: Louisiana, Texas, California and Arizona.
  11. Breaking and Entering
    Total accident. Misread address at 2am. Venice Beach, CA.
  12. DWI
    Driving while intoxicated. Houston, Texas.
  13. Parking on sidewalk
    Sunset Strip. Motorcycle.
  14. Failure to appear in court.
    Beverly Hills. Burbank. Los Angeles.