They've fought before in fast six or 5? This is the real life battle.
  1. Sized up. Winner: The Rock
    Diesel: 47, 6' 225. Rock: 43, 6'5 260
  2. Experience. Winner: The Rock
    Rock: former WWE champion. 91 national champion DT on Miami. Diesel: pre-filming weights.
  3. Wealth and will. Winner: Diesel
    Diesel: $75 million net worth. Has great work ethic and posts a lot on Facebook about family. Married w 3 kids. Rock: $125 million. Curses on Instagram. Loves acting and is divorced with 1 kid. Seems to be more of a playboy than Diesel.
  4. The court of public opinion. Winner: The Rock
    Vin does every job and pleases people w always pushing for more Fast movies. Kids love him too. Has no Twitter. The rock has almost 9 million followers and is straight up just more handsome.
  5. The fight location. Winner: Diesel
    Both born in Alameda County in norcal. Rock lives in 90210 and Miami. Diesel was born in NYC but grew up in CA. I say their fight is in the streets of Los Angeles though. Dtla to be safe. Probably north towards Elysian. Very Diesel. Rock is always traveling.
  6. Help. Winner: The Rock
    This is hard. Vin's bff passed away in paul walker and the rock is bff's w Arnold. So rock wins. Sad.
  7. Weapons. Winner: The Rock
    Vin with chains and knifes for sure. Dwayne with a Gatling gun and vintage Hummer. Vin with low rider and shotgun.
  8. Serious injury. Winner: Diesel
    Vin knows where construction is in dtla and sets a C4 trap for the rock. The rock breaks through the rubble and gets in his Hunmer and shoots a rocket launcher at Vin. Vin dodges it but lands on his own knife! He's bleeding but The Rock is banged up too. Vin wins cause morale is boosted after getting rock in the trap. Rock is now weary of corners.
  9. The final move. Winner: The Rock
    Vin's cigars are hurting him in a long fight now and he takes a breather in his car while the rock is looking for him. Vin throws one of the rock's grenades at the hummer blowing off the tires. Vin races to a helicopter and takes off and starts sniping at rock while its in auto pilot. The rock jumps on to a car garage and onto the helicopter. He knows how to fly from San Andreas training. He takes it off auto pilot and while the chopper is falling, sticks a sticky bomb on vin's back and tosses
  10. The victor: The Rock
    The rock in a hard fought battle. He respects vin and pours a protein shake on his grave.