Best to worst
  1. Grizzly Peak
    CA ADVENTURE. Grassy knoll that's totally sit-able. 6 benches with ashtrays everywhere. Minimal foot traffic so no little kids seeing their future. Just hipsters and OC teens.
  2. New Orleans area
    DISNEYLAND. By dock across from haunted mansion. View of the water. Lot of bad dad's cooling off post-splash mountain.
  3. Main entry to the whole thing
    Lots of benches and ash trays. Be cool though and do it in the corners!
  4. Fantasyland
    Disneyland. By Matterhorn. Some little girl Disney princesses may see you but it's doable after space mountain makes you dizzy.
  5. Hollywood Land
    CA Adventure. By the old muppets 3D theater thing that's now about Frozen. Lot of kids so this ranks low but still great to have while your brave friend goes on the Hollywood tower of terror.
  6. Frontier Land
    If you go through magic castle and take a left towards thunder mountain railroad there's 1 embarrassing bench thatll make you want to quit. Lots of parents and kids and you're usually smoking with a grandpa or bad teenager.