1. Blacksmith
    Made fuckin iron tools and shit
  2. Tailor
    Made dope clothes like the Marc Jacobs of Jamestown
  3. Farmer
    Planted stuff and watched it grow
  4. Gunsmith
    Made guns. Dope
  5. Soldier
    Watched over stuff with guns. Killed lots of people. Very dope in the 1600s
  6. Maid
    Cleaned shit up. Dope to help out
  7. Wig maker
    High fashion as fuck
  8. Doctor
    Everyone died all the time and their lives were miserable. Doctors helped out.... a very little bit.
  9. Tobacco pipe maker
    So dope
  10. Tradesman
    Traded stuff. Often times from exotic lands like north Florida or your cabinets
  11. Jewler
    Not Jewish but still knew bling
  12. Refiner of gold
    Remove rocks and other bullshit from bling
  13. Fueller
    Supplied wood for fires. Dope in the winter
  14. Mason
    Cut stone to fit buildings. Wow
  15. Barber
    Cut hair and assisted in surgeries cause he had fuckin scissors
  16. Sailor
    Like an uber driver but for the Atlantic Ocean to take you to England and other boring ass places
  17. Preacher
    Yelled a lot and a very sweaty profession. Actually this one is not dope and more on the level of fraud
  18. Council
    King of England told these guys to help assist colonies in America. Kinda dope to be chill and in charge over THE NEW WORLD