1. Freedom of speech
    Reddit. Protesting. Entourage pilot PDF. Dope.
  2. Right to bear arms and maintain a militia
    Kinda dope I like action movies. I used to want a gun but thought that would attract violence so now I won't get one. I follow a silencer company on Instagram though... Dope
  3. Protection from quartering of troops
    Soldiers can't hide in your house during times of war. Dope... Their boots would be dirty.
  4. Protection from unreasonable search and seizure
    This is probably the most cited amendment by non-lawyers so the verdict is hack by default but very DOPE
  5. Trial by jury
    Judge Judy amendment. Without this, no daytime TV.... Dope
  6. Civil trial by jury
    Keep it civil. Dope
  7. No excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment
    I had to go to jail in Texas which was cruel cause I was hungry and unusual cause I'm white.
  8. Protection of rights not super specifically stated in this bill of rights
    This is like wishing for more wishes. Kind of a stretch but dope nonetheless
  9. Power of states and people
    Weed in Oregon. Death penalty in Texas. *sighs* dope...