1. Not owning a TV
  2. Always taking Patton Oswalt's side in a comedy beef
  3. Hating the sunset strip
  4. Hating money
  5. Owning an iPhone picture editing app
  6. Disrespecting women
  7. Respecting women
  8. Putting your hand in a "reaching out" pose in a POV pic (usually of a minimalist landscape)
  9. Marfa, Texas
  10. Jorts
  11. "Put a bird on it"
  12. DIY
  13. being Frida for Halloween
  14. Not owning a sense of humor
  15. Hating your sports-loving dad
  16. "Fuck the Arclight"
  17. DTLA background pics
  18. Super hot and sweaty daytime drinking on bright balcony pics
  19. Out of shape pool party time