1. Love
    I love my players. They're incredible and inspire me. Also I need to empty out the vacuum and swiffer the kitchen.
  2. Hate
    Man that guy's so cocky and a dirty player. Fuck him. I need to go shave and shower. I'm gonna take out the trash and vacuum cause I'm a bored househusband.
  3. Sadness
    It breaks my heart to see my team fall short. Also I need to go do dishes and am quitting smoking.
  4. Hope
    I just wanna be inspired, man. I need a job.
  5. Fear
    Will all these hours of watching and reading amount to heartbreak? Do I need a job?
  6. Confusion
    Was that a foul? Wtf happened??
  7. Envy
    Wish I was a foot taller. Everything would be ok if that was the case.
  8. Joy
    We did it. No THEY did it. You watched, Carlos now go walk the dog.