1. Sand
  2. The sonic commercial guys
  3. Parking
  4. Hills traffic
  5. Trailer talkers
  6. Leg shakers
  7. Facebook comedy show inviters
  8. Facebook messengers
  9. Twitter DMers
  10. Excessive retweeters
  11. Melrose between fairfax and la Brea traffic
  12. Bad left tuners on yellow
  13. Loading zones on sunday
    Wtf do I do??
  14. White Spider-Man
  15. People that are really into a 0-0 soccer game
  16. Kids at the basketball court
    There's no room for you here KID! Come on
  17. SNL haters
  18. Podcast haters
  19. Kevin durant's new bad boy 'tude
  20. Urth cafe prices
  21. Drunk diner customers
  22. Pastry places that deceive you and make the cookies look good but they're actually NOT good
  23. .FDX files being emailed. PDF me bruh
  24. Notes
  25. Passive aggressors