They're from the Bay Area instead of Queens. Location goes from the hills to Los Feliz.
  1. Location: Los Feliz
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    They go to Little Dom's and Fred 62 a lot and do walk and talks down Hillhurst. Lots of parties off Griffith Park.
  2. Vince: Donald Glover
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    He's the meal ticket from Oakland. He's a great actor and is on the cusp of the a-list after landing Girls.
  3. Turtle: Tyler the Creator
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    Smokes weed all day and gets them hook ups to Eric Andre parties. Big clippers fan.
  4. Drama: Cuba Gooding Jr.
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    He's been in everything and hates streaming TV. He was in Southland on nbc.
  5. E: Shiri Appleby
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    She's Vince's friend from the bay. She manages him out here after a bad breakup in Ojai.
  6. Ari: Irrfan Khan
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    He's a tough talent agent who moved to Verve after defecting from UTA in a battle over commissions from This is 40.
  7. Sloan: Jill Soloway
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    On again off again with E. Will they or won't they?
  8. The Director: Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective)
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    Brooding loose canon who just wants Vince to make real art like a Netflix original series.
  9. The car: 80's black Ferrari switched from the classic 4-door convertible
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  10. Agency: goes from a fictional Endeavor (or WME) to a fictional boutique Verve.
  11. 1st big thing: being Adam Driver's character in Girls season 1 is replaced from Head On.
  12. The indie: the spectacular now replaced from queens boulevard
  13. The blockbuster: the lead in guardians of the galaxy instead of Aquaman
  14. The flop: a movie about the rampart police department scandal in the 90s replaced from Medellin
  15. The comeback: lead in Whiplash replaced from The Great Gatsby
  16. The girls: think background in Transparent meets Girls if it was set in Los Angeles
  17. The celeb cameos: chance the rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Matt Barnes, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Adam Driver, Marc Maron, Eric Andre.
  18. Doug Ellin: Lena Dunham
    Just to make sure this Entourage reboot has taken a different direction than the original
    Suggested by @sandydanto
  19. Mark Wahlberg: E-40
    Oakland rapper who makes appearances here & there on the show & gets co-EP cred. Loosely based on his come up, but he's not an actor.
    Suggested by @sandydanto