Was afraid it was gonna be 9 hours of fight scenes that go on too long. I was surprised, though. It was just 2 hours and 20 min.
  1. Dude in front of me at the Arclight had a Tesla app on his phone. Sweet.
  2. Thor spiking their drinks with some 1,000 year-aged potion from space hahaha
  3. Don Cheadle being funny at the party
  4. When Captain America almost picks up Thor's hammer and Thor gets nervous
  5. Shot of Hulk in a plane on auto pilot. 😓
  6. Hulk vs iron man fight in Africa. Massive destruction.
  7. The new tomorrowland trailer that played before the movie
  8. The sadness I experienced when Jarvis dies (or so we think)
  9. My heart warming when iron man says that there was actually someone in the room when the AI destroyed everything- Jarvis
  10. "Well I was born yesterday" - Jarvis
  11. Sadness I felt when captain America hallucinates his WWII-era past and we remember everyone he loves and knew is dead
  12. Scarlett Johansson being super into the hulk
  13. SOMETHING I DID NOT LIKE: how lame Captain America is. Whatever with him!
  14. Jeremy Renner's wife!