1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Shane Black being very Shane black with a pre iron man RDJ. also. VAL KILMER.
  2. Bad Boys 2
    So intense. Miami and ecstasy
  3. Hollywood Homicide
    Harrison Ford is a part time real estate agent who can't get rid of a house in mount Olympus and josh Hartnett wants to be actor. Venice canals chase scene!
  4. Last Action Hero
    Incredible and underrated. A kid gets a golden ticket at a pre-gentrified NYC theater that once belonged to Houdini. It puts him inside of the movie that Arnold stars in. La Brea tar pits scene.
  5. Showtime
    Eddie Murphy and De Niro
  6. Blue Streak
    Martin Lawrence hides a diamond in a construction zone before going to jail. He gets out and it's now a police station. He forges a resume and becomes a cop and Luke wilson's partner. It's great. Beliedat
  7. Die Hard 3
    Bruce Willis has a headache on a hot day the whole movie. His partner is anti white Harlem pawn shop owner Samuel l Jackson who is named Zeus. They go on fool's errands in 90s Manhattan. Movie starts with 3 dog night's hot town summer in the city.
  8. Rush Hour
    Don't ever touch a black man's radio
  9. Hot Fuzz
    So British so funny and ultra fast-paced.
  10. Lethal Weapon 4
  11. Beverly Hills Cop
  12. White Chicks
    Wayans bros. in white face. nuff said
  13. 48 Hours
    Best thing on HBO for years during my entire childhood. Besides Executive Decision.