1. The Insider- Meltdown by Lisa Gerrard and Peter Bourke
    Russell Crowe hallucinates his kids in his backyard while depressed in a hotel suite while al pacino tries to get him on the phone via hotel concierge played by one of the guys from Hostel.
  2. Ali- tomorrow by Salif Keita
    Ali arrives in Africa and takes a run
  3. Collateral- LAX by Tom rothrock
    Tom cruise and Jamie foxx drive through LAX to rid themselves of helicopter police tails.
  4. Miami vice (TV)- in the air tonight by Phil Collins
    The boys take a drive at the end of the pilot
  5. Heat- mystery man by terje rypdal
    Val Kilmer avoids arrest post-shoot out at Venice beach
  6. Collateral- hands of time by groove armada
    Jamie foxx drives Jada Pinkett Smith downtown from LAX by taking the 110 instead of the 10 to la Brea to 6th eastbound.
  7. Heat- last nite by terje rypdal and the chasers
    Robert deniro puts a glass of water with a fucking napkin on it next to his ride or die's side of the bed.
  8. Collateral- Air by Klazz Brothers
    Jamie foxx drives through DTLA. Aerial shots.
  9. Collateral- destino de abril by green car motel
    Jamie foxx leaves a Mexican club
  10. Miami Vice - one of these mornings by Patti Labelle and Moby
    Colin Farrell drives a speedboat to Havana with a girl. From Miami.