1. Pauly Shore
    Bandana always on bicycle.
  2. Earl Skakel
    Kennedy who shows me web cam girls on his Android in front of everyone. Also my best friend.
  3. Not the girl at the shop
    I'm just looking don't hate
  4. The Greek
    Night club promoter in weho. USC gear always.
  5. Dude with lulu lemon yoga pants and neon Nike hat on the reg
    Super gay. Super awesome.
  6. Olivia Munn
  7. Guys at earth bar
    Great crew of guys that work there.
  8. Guy who smokes outside/works at newsstand
    Sugar free red bull and parliament lights, Carlos? Yes please.
  9. The girls from soul cycle that go to earth bar
    Good for them for affording that!
  10. Janitor that smiles a lot
    Nice guy.
  11. Hispanic ladies that fold towels
    Thank you ladies
  12. French tennis dude
    Sideways lunges on treadmill with pony tail. Respect.
  13. My 1pm dad crew. What's up guys
  14. My fellow P3 Parkers. I'll betray you for P2 but it's ok
    It's not P1 valet with Teslas and Ferraris. It's not just an elevator ride up. It's humid and a battle for spots. These are my guys
  15. The Winklevoss twins
    Laser accuracy and will to exercise. Like Christian Bale in American Psycho.
  16. Fabio and his Lamborghini
    Just the best.
  17. Ronny from jersey shore
    Great work ethic man!
  18. Trainer from colorado
    Positive attitude about writing.