1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Shane Black. Santa hat. The standard downtown LA. Gay Val Kilmer. RDJ.
  2. Home Alone 2
    Rob Schneider. Nyc Xmas time. The prostitutes who laugh at him when he's scared walking at night. Scary cab driver.
  3. Jingle All The Way
    Sinbad. Phil Hartman. Arnold. A reindeer. Rita Wilson.
  4. Iron Man 3
    RDJ flies away when his Malibu cliff side mansion gets destroyed and he ends up in Kentucky or wherever with no power in the suit. It's snowing and a kid helps him get back to normal. Adam Pally as tony stark fan boy. Oh and Guy Pearce.
  5. Die Hard
    Century city at Xmas time. The drive up Olympic (eastbound crossing Westwood) at sundown. Pomona name drop.