1. VIP tickets at El Capitan Theater
    They're fine seats to see the newest Disney movie but normally priced $500 dollar seats are just as good in my opinion
  2. Cars with extra horse power engines
    This is LA, not an open desert road. You don't need that!
  3. Crystals
    Cool looking way to sharply tear up money
  4. Strippers
    Just own it and get an escort
  5. Fortune telling
    For if you hate money and love being lied to!
  6. Valet parking residence in a parking garage
    So baller but come on it's a trillion times cheaper to spend 2 min longer finding a spot
  7. Mini laundry detergent
    They're cute but pricy
  8. Boss Nova sunset
    Fries are very good. Brioche bun so big you get full too quickly!