1. Guys from Chicago that share a house in the Hollywood hills
  2. Your agent's assistant that has 9 roommates in Hancock park
  3. Your agent that has 1 roommate in West Hollywood
  4. Everyone that lives between 3rd and Beverly/ fairfax and la Cienega.
  5. Canadians in hollywood
  6. Anyone that wears a Laker hat during Yom Kippur
  7. Young guys that go to Nobu Malibu but don't live there
  8. Every guy at Runyon canyon that doesn't leave their iPhone in the car
  9. All straight dudes in PR
  10. Guys that hate on Lyft and won't UberX
  11. Anyone Blake Griffin doesn't like
  12. Guys that borrow HBO Go passwords
  13. Guys that never went to virgin records before movies at the sunset 5
  14. Anyone that drinks on wilshire in Santa Monica
  15. All straight guys at hotel pools
  16. Hills cast members
  17. Any dentist's son
  18. Anyone in LA that types out "LES"