1. The rock calling every female character "woman"
  2. Vin diesel driving through 2 Dubai towers in the air and destroying ancient Chinese soldier art in a 3 million dollar car
  3. The rock breaking his arm cast off by purely flexing
  4. The rock getting ready for combat includes taking 3 Vicodin
  5. View of staples center during dtla chase scene
  6. Vin diesel turns down German beer from a keg by claiming to be a "corona man". An ice bucket of corona appears within 2 seconds.
  7. Paul walker drives off in distance in the end 😓
  8. Paul walker's kids teacher is a model
  9. FNL movie's Lucas black appears in Tokyo scene. He's very old now and had to bleach his hair to match his 10 year old character.
  10. The post credits sequence from Tokyo drift is used and it doesn't match the HD IMAX cameras used in 2015.
  11. Tyrese being super funny.