1. Designer deodorant.
    Marc Jacobs bang bang or Tom Ford Noir.
  2. What? ballet isn't fucking super interesting to you??
  3. Overly dramatic gasps of excitement or surprise.
  4. Love of musicals.
    Spring Awakening. Glee. Newsies.
  5. Rustic AND modern.
    Laurel Canyon meets the 80s.
  6. Designer candles.
    Malin + Goetz. Foin Coupe.
  7. Legs crossed too far
    The angle is intense
  8. High end socks.
    Paul Smith.
  9. Always posing.
    Butt out.
  10. Love of the gym.
    Equinox West Hollywood.
  11. Gay AA mtgs.
    They're just better.
  12. Striped shirts.
    They're not just for French guys in 50s movies anymore.
  13. V necks in non-douche manner.
    So what? I like them. They're comfortable and cooling. Thinner the better.
  14. Emojis non ironically 🚬💵🍉🍔
  15. Uppers. Coke was never "out"