1. Rushmore- a quick one while he's away by The Who
    Max gets off the elevator after putting bees in Murray's hotel suite.
  2. Boogie Nights- it's just a matter of time by Brook Benton
    Dirk diggler walks away with Todd after meeting his replacement, Johnny Doe
  3. Goodfellas - sunshine of your love by Cream
    Robert De Niro smokes a cigarette at the bar when he decides to kill off his whole gang
  4. Darjeeling Limited- Strangers by The Kinks
    Schwartzman throws flowers in the air in India
  5. Snatch- golden brown by The Stranglers
    Brad Pitt knocks out his opponent. It's not even smooth slow motion but a great scene.
  6. Magnolia- goodbye stranger by Supertramp
    Philip Seymour Hoffman goes to the bar to watch brad the bartender