Is HBO's annual docu series on a different NFL team's training camp each year. I like college football and grew up a houston Oilers fan. They obviously don't exist anymore so I never watch NFL football but even I love this show and watch it every year.
  1. This year it's on the Houston Texans
  2. JJ Watt eats between 6 and 9,000 calories a day
  3. National geographic-like monotone narration
  4. Fluid slow motion scenes
  5. Inside nfl player's houses
    From rookie late round draft pick 1 BR apartments to mansions in the suburbs
  6. Lots and lots of bentleys and Escalades
  7. Football player BBQ's are dope and usually include pick up basketball on a private court
  8. The parents of players always wear their jerseys
  9. Cutting players is hard to watch and very mechanical
  10. 60 sec 1-shot scene of a player vomiting
  11. Lots of stretching
  12. Players with huge shoe contracts saying Fuck. All the time. I would've loved this as a kid.
  13. Head coach curses constantly and it's funny
  14. Players love Happy Socks
  15. Lots of fights during scrimmages
  16. Must be fun to practice when fans watch and scream your name
  17. I wasn't super into JJ Watt cause I'm usually anti-nice guy players but he's super cool
  18. He goes to bed at 8:30pm everyday for 10 hours a sleep a night.
  19. One of the newer players got excited to meet Peyton Manning and shook his hand before a preseason game.
  20. Rookie minimum salary is $435,000. Those are the guys that wanna make the team cause there's a lot more money to be made
  21. JJ watt is on a 6 year $100 million dollar deal with 51 guaranteed and a $10mil bonus just for signing the piece of paper
  22. All the models are wives I mean the other way around
  23. Classical music goes well w football. It always has.
  24. The QBs fighting for the starting position bicker cause they spent years playing as Tom Brady's back ups.
  25. Beats by Dre studio noise-canceling headphones 247 365
  26. Nike elite basketball shorts, white socks, Jordan sandals and Kevin Durant Nike backpack ALWAYS after practice
  27. 2 min scene where nobody can spell "opportunity" and "spaghetti"