1. Alex
    Building his own home. I can't fix the mailbox lock
  2. My grandma
    Mad at the Texas Longhorns football program for not winning a championship every year.
  3. Christine
    Went to all girls school next door to us. Liked her freshman year. Asked me to follow back on Instagram. Win for the away team.
  4. Connie
    Called me LA cause of my blue suit. Creeping insecurity in me all night after this.
  5. John
    Goes to Harvard medical school. Called me LA for being iffy about going to a party. Fucked me up
  6. Gabe
    Got married
  7. Tony
  8. Tracy
    Got married
  9. My mom
    Misses basketball season and has a new car
  10. Ryan
    We used to dip skoal.
  11. Taylor
    Quitting her job Monday. Hope she does it and succeeds at what she wants
  12. Gabe's parents
    Reminded me that I fucked up their floppy disc drive in junior high
  13. Mitchell's wife
    Ignored me