Bathrooms you can just walk into without having to be a customer.
  1. Laurel Cyn Country Mart
    Walk in and take left at freezers. Hard right down stairs to your right. Like Ray Liotta walking through the kitchen in the nightclub scene in Goodfellas.
  2. Melrose and Highland gas station
    NW corner
  3. Sunset and Fairfax gas station
    Says EMPLOYEES ONLY but it's a lie.
  4. CVS laurel cyn and Ventura
    On right when you walk in. Great water fountain too.
  5. Rite Aid sunset and fairfax
    Sometimes locked. Kinda annoying but there if you need it.
  6. The Comedy Store
    During the day you can just walk in and go
  7. Canters
    Walk past WAIT HERE TO BE SEATED sign, left and left up the stairs.
  8. Flower shop at Franklin and Highland
    This one is risky. Make no eye contact.
  9. Starbucks
    Melrose and Stanley
  10. 8000 Sunset structure (at crescent heights)
    2nd floor by Sundance theaters
  11. The Andaz
    Sunset and Kings Road by Paris Hilton's old place. Great bathroom. Also the old rock n roll Hyatt.
  12. CVS Beverly blvd and la Cienega
    Walk in and take left towards, of course, toiletries. Open 247
  13. Swingers Diner
    Beverly and Laurel Ave
  14. 711
    Holloway and La Cienega. Must be "in" for this one. 2am-5am.
  15. Greenblatts
    From back entrance. So easy.
  16. Sunset And Orange
    Both IHOP and In n out. Parking is bad but with a solid street spot this could be a game changer.
  17. Arclight Hollywood
    Again- solid street spot could give you a great bathroom break.
  18. Walgreens sunset and vine
    Walk in and towards left back. B+ water fountain when in service.
  19. Melrose Ave alleys
    Between Fairfax and La Brea. Shady, homeless but doable. Lots of LAPD looking for graffiti artists but still doable.
  20. Fred 62
    Easy and you know this one already.
  21. CVS la Cienega and Santa Monica
    North back area. From elevators: straight to 2nd aisle turn left. From Santa Monica blvd just go straight.
  22. West Hollywood recovery center
    626 n. Robertson 100 feet above Melrose. Back left corner. If there's a mtg, nobody will care.
  23. Barney's New York
    Wilshire and Camden. Downstairs to beauty product floor. Back left corner by parking garage elevators.
  24. Chanel
    Rodeo drive. Straight ahead past cosmetics to the left by valet.
  25. Any and all hotels
    They will never stop you
    Suggested by @vp