1. Slim Thug
    You know those shoes that light up that you can get from Payless? I got rims that do the same, they light up when the brakes press.
  2. Z-Ro
    And I'm gone like old glory, I'm H town to Cali just like Robert Horry
  3. Chamillionaire
    I get more green than a forest full of reefer. You just mad cause you can't afford a Smart Beep beeper.
  4. Bun B
    This is lean them white folks call it promethazine. We gonna call it drank cause that's what we be doin to it.
  5. Lil Flip
    Ooh they think I'm icy could it be my hundred thousand dollar alligator Nike's
  6. Paul Wall
    I wear major player gear and cooled down w my syrup, I got a 2 way pager call me Captain Kirk.
  7. Pimp C
  8. Lou HAWK
    I'm chillin with my broad and you already know and if I don't call back don't put on a show when I pass by your house and blow instead of knockin on your door.
  9. Devin the Dude
    What u gonna do when people go home. U wanna smoke weed and reefers all gone. Somebody had the nerve to take the herb. Doobie ashtray why u do me that way
  10. Scarface
  11. Big Moe
  12. Fat Pat
  13. Mike Jones
    Got it sewed up (nutcracker mix)