I hated this option and didn't wanna do it. I smoked a pack (at least) a day for 10 years. I picked this up and haven't smoked since. That was this past May. I'm taking it around 10% of the nicotine I was used to smoking. This is improvement. I love cigarettes RIP
  1. Started calling it a way to "wean off of cigarettes"
  2. Less nicotine will make it easier to get off entirely
  3. Tried sweet flavors: they're ok
  4. Tried sour flavors: also just ok
  5. Tried tobacco flavors: not the same
  6. Ok so very few flavors are as good as the smooth taste of a cigarette but whatever let's just get through this.
  7. Told this grand lie (or truth) to myself that just cause I'm doing something that people I don't relate to also do- I am not them
    I've struggled w this my whole life and found that when I tell it to myself I'm happier.
  8. Smoked it on a plane
    That was nice
  9. Learned how to fix it when it leaked
    I'm not handy at all but I fixed it and felt like a fuckin man
  10. Smoked it on the couch
    Hmm I'm not going outside anymore to smoke
  11. I didn't leave right after eating to smoke. I had a puff at the table and was fine... Cool
  12. Found funny Instagram and vine videos of people vaping @blakevapes
  13. Didn't go crazy w the vaporizer. It's not an inane light saber. It's just a chill small one.
  14. When old people say they're allergic to smoke to me at the rose bowl flea market I say good for you this isn't smoke
  15. I plan on quitting this in November when I get back from my honeymoon. Hope it goes well