1. Social media apps ARE available on your iPhone while on Earth's Mars colony- use them!
  2. Invite her out for a walk at the Mariner Valley- a vast rift in the surface with that circles the planet.
  3. Ask her to a movie streaming from Earth.
  4. Meet her at a social function and show off your crazy space ship. Maybe drop that you're related to the Delta Space pilots who flew your crew there.
  5. Import large quantities of Tom Ford cologne by Amazon and pray it sets you apart from the rest of the hounds.
  6. High top Jordan 6 toro's were made for Mars. Drop these onto your feet and stroll through the cafeteria.
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  7. Take a walk through the ancient Mars ocean borealis that is now dry land
  8. Open a bar in the north polar basin where Viking lander 1 landed on the smooth Chryse Planitia. The views are similar to rural Arizona.