1. I used to want one or five. I had a plan: strap them everywhere in my house and carry one in the car. a gun under the coffee table was a cool image to me.
  2. I realized that maybe that much fear would manifest itself into my life and maybe it wouldn't go so well. So by owning firearms I would manifest situations where I would need to really use them and maybe the woman who I married would get shot or at best she would be in a situation where that was possible.
  3. So I didn't buy any cause I took this (what I call) growth and rolled with it. I started collecting Air Jordan's instead. 🔥🔥🔥
  4. Neil Tyson tweeted that 3,400 Americans have died of terrorism attacks since 9/11 and the same amount have died since 5 weeks ago from gun-related deaths in the US.. 2/3 of them being suicides.
  5. Of those 3,400 people that have died in the past 5 weeks, one was someone in my life who I knew for exactly 20 years.
  6. So now I don't want some awesome shotgun or sleek 9mm pistol anymore. I guess it took it hitting close to home to seal my deal but whatever. I just wanna feel normal again... and get the Jordan 6 in all infrared.