1. Risigliani
    He has no first name. He's a soldier in the war of sex parties and expensive purchases of the 80s. He was born into ridiculous wealth and constantly speaks of his condo's, cars, gym memberships and his dad who he just calls "my dad." He serves as mentor for lots of other guys and is always a leader in the world of underground parties and exclusive social circles of debauchery.
  2. Risigliani's Dad
    His jobs range from building owner to plastic surgeon. He frequents LA hotspot restaurants, outdoor cafes, underground parties and glamorous cities but mostly is referenced as validation for bad behavior. For some reason he owns a lot of streets and anything else that's expensive. He's a true renaissance man.
  3. Miami Harold
    A real hound that lives in LA despite his name. He's just really into Miami and its lifestyle of infinity pools, sports cars and drugs. It's unclear on whether he owns the Miami Herald or not. Written by @sandydanto
  4. Hot Tub Steve
    Another hound that's really into hot tubs, hot tub parties, skinny dipping, etc. A close friend of Risigliani's.
  5. Ike
    My dog. He's overly ambitious but afraid of everything. He's instigates conflict between me and my fiancé but encourages getting over fights (??). He is always pretending to be high and coming up with big questions of the universe involving dog walking and kibble. He states random pop culture facts that he gets wrong and then runs away once caught in a web of lies. Often googles and reads Wikipedia entries verbatim but is always wrong.
  6. Jeff Franklin
    1st cousin of the same name, Jeff Franklin, who produced popular family-friendly, 90s sitcoms such as Full House & Step By Step. Drops his cousin's name even if it must be forced into conversation. Family friends of the Risiglianis. Sees Risigliani's dad as a father figure. Goes to high end pussy parties exclusive to Hollywood elite and wears a mirror on a necklace so people share their cocaine with him. Big into poppers too.
    Suggested by @sandydanto