1. Vegas - Tropicana
    This one is wayyyy chiller than the Sahara one. It's south of the 10 on the way out of Vegas headed west and everyone that was gonna go hit the up one off strip so this one is emptier. Lots and lots of parking.
  2. Universal City
    Good parking and efficient line. Plentiful street spots.
  3. Anaheim
    Great parking but a congested line that mixes too closely to the parking spots themselves. The good parking at night across the street makes up for it in my opinion.
  4. Phoenix off the 10
    Packed on the way out of town to California. Lots of people driving west and suburban Zona kids
  5. San Marcos
    Off the 15 an exit away from UCSM en route to San Diego. Standard in n out but I like it. Chick fil a next door and lots of parking.
  6. Barstow
    Packed but very necessary on the way to LA or Vegas off the 15. A true oasis in the desert.
  7. Marina Del Rey
    Haven't been in years but I remember it being a solid location. Not super packed.
  8. Westwood
    Terrible drive thru but big location. If you find a solid spot on Gayley by some miracle, by all means go in.
  9. Corona
    Off the 15 after the 91 if you're going south. Great parking. Normal amount of people.
  10. Laguna Hills
    Weird exit off the 5. If you're going south it's right after the 405 merges. Small lot and weird feeder road location but good if you're hungry on the road.
  11. LAX
    Craziness. Tourists and people waiting to pick up their loved or hated ones at the airport.
  12. Woodland Hills
    Haven't been but got a great mention in KUWTK and tabloids spotted rob there last week.
  13. Vegas - Sahara
    This is the giant one that looks like it was ripped from Times Square off the 15 across from the strip. Too big. Too crazy. Limos and drunk people like Hollywood on acid that was laced with red bull and B-12.
  14. Hollywood
    Lots of drunk people. Rattling bass in the drive thru. Line goes out onto orange sometimes. Park on orange by Hollywood high school's football field and walk 100 feet instead. Beware of runaways.