I didn't realize how many of these I had. I started buying them after a breakup cause I wanted to be shamelessly myself. Here they all are 6 years later. Some are scuffed up from wearing while riding a motorcycle.
  1. Nike air command- footlocker houston
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  2. 2011 LeBron's- Niketown Beverly Hills
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  3. 2012 Kobe's- Niketown Beverly Hills
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  4. Nike air- buffalo exchange studio city
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  5. Adidas- wasteland studio city
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  6. Oregon Duck Nike's- buffalo exchange westwood
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  7. Nike Miami- Niketown Beverly Hills
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  8. Nike roshe run- footlocker Sherman oaks Westfield
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  9. Nike training shoe- foot action houston
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  10. Nike air limited graffiti red- Sportie LA melrose
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  11. Nike high top SF- Niketown Beverly hills
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  12. Nike throwback Jordan's- Niketown Beverly hills
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  13. Nike high top straps- Niketown Beverly Hills
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  14. Nike sport low top- Nike Toronto
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  15. Nike shox- foot locker Beverly center
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