1. Fountain and Fairfax
    Someone ran a stop sign going south from a side street just east of Fairfax and I hit them. Smoked a cigarette outside the ER instead of seeing Iron Man 2. Totaled my car.
  2. Holloway and Palm Ave
    Got T-boned by a senior citizen. Totaled another car. Still had to babysit for my boss after.
  3. Sunset and Sweetzer
    Van ran me off the road on my motorcycle. Gasoline everywhere.
  4. Sunset Plaza Dr
    Jaguar sped around a corner and hit me. An actor asked me if it was ok. I said I love your old show, man.
  5. La Brea and Sunset
    Fell off motorcycle. Stopped traffic for 3 minutes. More embarrassed than anything.
  6. Western and the 101
    Hit someone from behind. Shattered glass.
  7. La Brea and Olympic
    Car hit me up on my motorcycle. I fell. They sped off.