Not all but here are some good ones and some bad ones.
  1. Fatburger Vermont
    Easy access and huge open lot when leaving
  2. Chick Fil A hollywood
    2 lanes that merge. Top notch but leaving can hit the back of the line. Tough residential street in a crowded area at Highland.
  3. Mcdonalds sunset strip
    Tunnel u-turn. Fun. Leaving can be tricky. The turn is almost 120 degrees.
  4. McDonald's vine street
    The ordering part of the drive thru rubs elbows with the Arclight parking structure. Very nice.
  5. McDonald's century city
    Luxurious easy one on a little Santa Monica blvd
  6. In n out Sherman oaks
    So easy right off moorpark before van nuys. Ample room for entering and leaving.
  7. McDonald's la brea
    Standard fast food drive thru. Easy.
  8. Wendy's vermont
    Easy Hollywood easy as pie
  9. In n out studio city
    Hectic but there's worse (Hollywood). Standard for in n out.
  10. Yoshinoya vine st
    Easy and standard. Busy intersection at Santa Monica.
  11. Wendy's la brea
    Always packed and back of the line blocks spots
  12. Jack in the box cahuenga
    Surrounded by congestion. Ok to go into and leave but the lot is covered in runaways always.
  13. In n out Hollywood
    Line stretches out to street, blocking flow of traffic
  14. Burger King la brea
    Awkward to get into. Awkward to leave. Spits you out in a tiny Starbucks lot and to the right is a tight turn on a congested sunset