1. Fire exit on Queens road 20 feet above sunset on East side of the street.
    Privacy, Privacy, privacy on the sunset strip
  2. The comedy store inside after 2am
    If you're not a loud drunk it's basically ok
  3. Behind Greenblatts.
    Just a great place to smoke
  4. The Den of Hollywood outdoor area.
    Heated with padded booths.
  5. Arclight sunset blvd parking garage entrance by Bank of America. Side of the fountain next to the dome.
    Not as many people walk by you so no accidental ex sightings
  6. Bar Marmont entrance area
    Atrium smoking!
  7. Arclight garage rooftop
    Great views
  8. Crescent drive where sunset plaza and wonderland Ave meet
    DTLA to ocean view all the way to long beach
  9. Laurel canyon dog park