1. Flying just north of Riverside over the 10. Smog layer and light clouds ahead.
  2. Over Ontario. The 10 hitting the 15 freeway. Descending from 35K feet.
  3. Over Downey. Smog thickening and the 5 running south. Another plane headed to LAX as well.
  4. Sprawl of Lynwood just north of Compton.
  5. Over Huntington Park and Bell above Florence Ave into South Central.
  6. About to cross over the 110. USC just north west.
  7. Inglewood sprawl now basically above Century Blvd. Crenshaw somewhere running north south around here.
  8. What's left of Hollywood Park Casino after being imploded earlier in the day. Lakers former home The Forum just north of it.
  9. The 405 just south of Century Blvd.
  10. Sepulveda just north of the 105.
  11. LAX runway.
  12. Probably 20 feet above the ground. Century Blvd. hotels in distance.
  13. Welcome!!!