1. Flying just north of Riverside over the 10. Smog layer and light clouds ahead.
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  2. Over Ontario. The 10 hitting the 15 freeway. Descending from 35K feet.
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  3. Over Downey. Smog thickening and the 5 running south. Another plane headed to LAX as well.
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  4. Sprawl of Lynwood just north of Compton.
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  5. Over Huntington Park and Bell above Florence Ave into South Central.
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  6. About to cross over the 110. USC just north west.
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  7. Inglewood sprawl now basically above Century Blvd. Crenshaw somewhere running north south around here.
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  8. What's left of Hollywood Park Casino after being imploded earlier in the day. Lakers former home The Forum just north of it.
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  9. The 405 just south of Century Blvd.
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  10. Sepulveda just north of the 105.
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  11. LAX runway.
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  12. Probably 20 feet above the ground. Century Blvd. hotels in distance.
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  13. Welcome!!!
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