American laws for when we colonize on Mars
  1. Vaccination for all humans is mandatory
  2. Pets are illegal
  3. Concealed weapon permit is mandatory if in possession of a weapon. Can only be retrieved on Earth.
  4. Movie night is not mandatory but encouraged for social life outside of our group of friends
  5. Sunglasses can only be bought at sunglass hut at the Virgin terminal at Jeb Bush Intergalactic Airport
  6. Currency is limited and only brought to base every 6 months so the exchange from earth money can only be done back on planet.
  7. Any defacing of Mars' landscape is illegal and punishable by jail time on earth.
  8. American Express and apple pay are accepted at (most) retailers
  9. All earth insurance is valid on Mars unless specifically stated
  10. Years are 687 days so excess months after 12 are referred to as JanM, FebM, etc. on paper
  11. Days are only 39 min longer so to make up for it 2 Seinfeld episodes will be played at the end of the night.
  12. DUI offenses are punishable by planetary banning
  13. Whole Foods Mars is expected be completed soon.
  14. Carnitas is not available at chipotle Mars.
  15. Oxygen theft from another person's tank is punishable by up to a year in prison on earth.
  16. Mars jails serve as holding cells for earth prisons.
  17. Death penalty strictly enforced on Mars with an added space twist: death by deserting the human without oxygen.
  18. Marijuana is legal for recreation purposes only. All medical marijuana is now considered bullshit.
  19. Schedule II narcotics such as cocaine are all illegal and possession or intent to sell are punishable by american laws.