Lot of pics at the bottom
  1. Uber surge charges
  2. Korean spas
  3. Late night @KCRW
  4. Taco truck lines but always worth it
  5. Palm trees against light pollution
  6. Helicopter searchlights
  7. Traffic on the 101
  8. Loudness at Swingers
  9. Andy Dick somewhere doing something
  10. Karaoke on 8th St
  11. Watching dodger game reruns on fox sports west on the patio at Astro burger!
  12. Postmating
  13. In n out burger 20 min drive thru line
  14. Escorts
  15. Paparazzi
  16. Town cars at sunset plaza
  17. "Can I get a cigarette??"
  18. Jaywalking in heels
  19. Laurel canyon car accident
  20. Rite Aid line is very long still (fairfax and sunset)
  21. Fred 62 still underrated if that's possible
  22. Sports center from LA Live reruns on ESPN
  23. Late night LA comedy scene Twitter. It's not pretty. It's basically me and some old school alt comics who are hungry.
  24. DTLA bumpin'
  25. Joe's Pizza Hollywood and Wilcox packed
  26. Joe's Pizza weho not fucking open
  27. Sadness
  28. Happiness
  29. Cocaine
  30. Late night AA mtg in NoHo
  31. Donuts
  32. The 4 or 704 bus down Santa Monica is all homeless people
  33. Russians
  34. Sunset strip becomes a desert
  35. Ambitious people are driving to Las Vegas
  36. Tinder
  37. Blendr
  38. Grindr
  39. Facebook messenger (oof)
  40. Taxi line outside The Body Shop
  41. Spray painting
  42. Eric Andre bday parties
  43. Vanity Fair Oscar party
  44. The plot to Swingers
  45. Drive
  46. Coyotes
  47. Occupy LA
  48. Crime
  49. Empty parking garages
  50. Parties
  51. 10 to the 405 to the 101
    Why are we in the valley?
    Suggested by   @sashabronner
  52. Jaywalking barefoot
    Suggested by   @sashabronner
  53. DUI checkpoints that are marked like three blocks before you actually drive in to the checkpoint.
    Suggested by   @stacymichelle