1. Flight Club LA
    The website would have you think the inventory is all in NYC but it's stock is incredible and diverse. Rare Charles Barkley Suns Nike's to Jordan 1's from the 80s. Fairfax also has amazing stores within walking distance.
  2. Niketown Santa Monica
    Gets all the new shoes and gear from soccer to basketball even before Beverly Hills. Santa Monica has players that aren't just LA-based or internationally known- they have all the Nike and Jordan client's shoes like Nike at Caesar's Palace.
  3. RIF LA
    Downtown's answer to Flight Club. Huge stock but parking is tough. Great food in Little Tokyo location. Ultra impressive rare stock from the air mag 9000 dollar back to the future high tops to vintage reebok. Less concerned with player shoes and more vintage appeal. Have a lot of the same shoes.
  4. Undefeated La Brea
    Small stock but what they have is super legit and rare. Expensive. La Brea is a great spot with and still clothing across the street. This location is my favorite one.
  5. Holy Grail
    A lot like flight club and RIF in south DTLA by staples. Was looted when the lakers last won the championship. Solid stock with some rare pieces. Very much worth a visit.
  6. Niketown Beverly Hills
    A classic. New releases. Big into LA-based Nike clients like usc football and Kobe along with the big hitters in durant and Lebron.
  7. Drip Hollywood
    Great stock of new Jordan's and Nike at Hollywood and las palmas. Hidden gem.
  8. Shoe Palace Hollywood and Highland
    New mainstream shoe store that easily rivals foot locker and wins.
  9. Kicks Sole Provider
    Larchmont sneaker spot. Small but good inventory.
  10. Foot Locker House of Hoops
    Newest of the new for all shoes but since new stuff comes out almost weekly, they move on quickly.
  11. Sportie LA
    Oldie but a goodie on Melrose. Always worth a visit for the giant stock of a lot of running shoes.
  12. Nike Running The Grove
    Focuses on running obviously but if you want that then this is the place for it.