Major LA streets that become ghost towns at night

"Of course streets are quiet at night" but these streets are surrounded by millions of people, have bars nearby or on them and simply it's strange cause the streets just several blocks over are jammed with traffic and debauchery. Rules: I'm not counting Mulholland and if these streets have residential strips that must obviously not be assumed.
  1. Beverly Blvd
    I sped away from the LAPD on a motorcycle by Swingers on this street by turning off the lights like in Tron. That's how deserted it gets. You can run from the police.
  2. Melrose
    Almost creepy after 11. All the stores are closed and the little bars that are open aren't super popular or are too far apart from each other.
  3. Sunset Strip
    By 3am, even on a Sat night, it's just taxis and the comedy store.
  4. Wilshire
    No bars. Few restaurants. Sky scraper office buildings are like dark mountains with no lights on.
  5. Ave of the Stars
    Same as above but with just a hotel and skyscrapers.
  6. Ventura Blvd
    Lots of things to do but goes silent after 12am.
  7. Santa Monica Boulevard (West LA stretch)
    SM Blvd is hopping from WeHo to Silverlake. But in the other direction, like heading out to Westwood? Forget it. I used to walk/ catch buses through that stretch at night all the time, and it was "I Am Legend" creepy.
    Suggested by   @angusisley
  8. La Cienega
    After 2 or 3am, if you are looking south from Sunset, you can see all the way down to Wilshire almost, and you can drive down to it in no time. But from 7am until 3 the next morning, bumper to bumper baby!
    Suggested by   @eliolsberg