These are good products I endorse cause they last forever and do the job well. Enjoy.
  1. Khiel's oil eliminator
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  2. Marc Jacobs bang bang deodorant
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  3. Malin + Goetz rum bar soap
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  4. Khiel's grapefruit hand wash
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  5. New Sun immunity pills. Possible placebo effect here
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  6. Tom Ford Noir cologne
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  7. Marvis mouth wash
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  8. Malin + Goetz rum perfume oil with rolling ball
  9. Kiehl's Facial Fuel moisturizer with cooling menthol
    Suggested by @sandydanto
  10. Malin Goetz peppermint shampoo
    Suggested by @sandydanto
  11. Hot Rod 5000
    Suggested by @sandydanto